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Battery & Capacitor Tech Division - Battery Products

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Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Storage Systems
…for your applications

High Volume and Customization — goes hand in hand
Working with Battery & Capacitor Technology Co. you do not need to form your application design around a conventional battery box or form factor.

We design and adapt your battery needs to your application — and we handle all manufacturing volumes — big or small.
Economical and practical solutions — from prototypes to finished products.

We will be your partner on exactly the right level in your process, to fit your project or product, or we will offer you a full package solution, saving you expensive development time.
High power, low power — high voltage, low voltage

It's all your choice. Our present range will fulfill most applications needs.
A few examples are:
- Voltage from min. 4.2V and as high as you need
- Capacity from min. 650 mAh to present 60 Ah

Weight and space savings — plus efficiency increase
Look at our very small and light 12V/28Ah battery, a typical solution for many applications: - Dimensions (L: 15 cm, W: 7 cm, H: 12 cm) - Weight (2,6 Kg)

Compared to other battery technologies, the efficiency of our systems will be much higher. Our modular construction technique will allow optimum flexibility in design.

Intelligent battery solutions — level of features are your choice
Our batteries are born intelligent. The level of features and integration in your system is your decision. Since we are also experts in charging systems, motor controlling, and automotive systems configurations, we will be an important partner during your application development.

Your business is our business. Your satisfaction is our next product.

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